What Smart Home Features are Right for You?

If you’re looking to upgrade the technology in your Mount Pleasant, Texas, home, it can be difficult to determine which features are worth the investment. It seems like there is little you can’t control with your device. Although not all smart technology is relevant for every family, there are certainly some improvements you can add to make your life easier and your home more efficient.

Smart Thermostats

Programmable thermostats have made a big difference in people’s homes and utility bills. The ability to program a thermostat to change throughout the day means that homeowners have greater control over the heating and cooling costs of their home. Now, smart thermostats are changing the game further by providing even more control. A smart thermostat connects to your personal device and allows you to control the temperature from anywhere you are connected. 

If you have a zone system installed, you have direct control over each room in your house using your smartphone or tablet. If you have a standard system, you have complete control over your entire HVAC system through your smartphone. If you’re at work and the temperature cools off suddenly, you can raise the thermostat so that you don’t waste extra energy.

If you’re coming home from vacation and want to get home to a cool house, you can adjust the temperature so the home is ready when you get there. Programmable thermostats are tricky for some people, but a smart thermostat’s easy interface takes the guesswork out of programming your thermostat. 

Smart Air Purifiers

The latest technology in indoor air quality is smart air purifiers. Your family most likely spends more time inside your house than they do outdoors, which is why indoor air quality is so important. Poor IAQ can lead to a variety of illnesses and health concerns including headaches, stuffy nose, respiratory issues, and increased asthma and allergy symptoms. Consider having your HVAC contractor install an air purifier to make sure you don’t suffer from poor IAQ. Discuss smart air purifiers with them as well to have better control and monitoring through your device.

Automatic Light Controls

If you’ve ever been in bed and realized you forgot to turn off the basement light, you could benefit from automatic light controls or smart lights. These light bulbs are connected to the software you download on your device, allowing you to control your lights directly from your smartphone. Most light bulbs that connect to automatic light controls are LED lights that save you energy on your electric bills as well. You’re also saving energy by turning off the lights in your house when you don’t need them.

Automatic light controls are also helpful if your house is vacant such as a vacation home in the off-season. They are also useful when you go on vacation yourself. Instead of messing with a timer that probably won’t fool many people, you can randomly turn lights off or on to give the appearance that someone is home. You’re also able to turn the lights on before you walk in the door, so you’re not fumbling for a light switch or walking into a dark house. 

Digital Assistants

Many people have digital assistants already on their smartphone, but now companies have made digital assistants for your home as well. Depending on the level of smart technology involved, these assistants can shop online for you, turn off the lights, or play music throughout your house. You now have better control over your entire house, and all you have to do is ask your assistant. You can also create grocery lists or have your assistant remind you to do something at a certain time of day. Many of these assistants also connect to your device if you need a reminder when you’re on the go. 

Your HVAC unit is a big investment and typically the most significant part of your utilities. Smart technology that controls your HVAC system is the best place to start if you’re considering smart upgrades to your home. To discuss your options, contact Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 903-285-6550 to speak to an experienced professional today.

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