8 Fun Interior Design Projects for a Healthy Lifestyle

Interior design projects can be a great way to make a positive impact on your lifestyle. That’s because a healthy lifestyle begins right in your Mount Pleasant, Texas, home. Here are a few fun and easy interior design projects to tackle this year:

Use Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors can create the impression of extra space. They can also promote an energizing environment by brightening a room. The best way to incorporate mirrors is to place them across from your windows or from each other in order to reflect and amplify light.

Mix Old and New Furniture

It may be interesting to place a vintage lamp on your modern nightstand. In many homes, mixing the old with the new can result in a unique identity. You can mix older furniture you’ve had for years with a few new pieces to create an ambiance that’s authentically you.

Add Scents for Relaxation

One of a home’s most important attributes is its smell. That’s why introducing a new scent can change how you feel about your home.

There are various ways you can achieve this. Flowers can be a good way to start. If you want a no-maintenance alternative, you can use scented candles. The key is to choose the fragrances you like, which will trigger positive feelings for you.

Hang Pots in the Kitchen

Kitchens can be busy places for healthy living. If you spend a lot of time preparing your favorite meals, this is an area to focus on in your design.

One of the simplest ways to style your kitchen is to add hanging pot holders. This will help you clear up counter space and still have pots handy whenever you need them. At the same time, you’ll have extra space to work with in your cupboards. In general, think about using all of your vertical space more wisely.

Nurture the Right Plants

There’s nothing that can bring your place alive quite as well as natural plants. You’ll benefit from improved air quality and a low-cost, stress-reducing environment.

Plants can naturally clean the air in your home, and they can also work to balance humidity levels. Choose plants with a variety of colors and sizes for the biggest visual effect. Of course, you should also regularly change your HVAC air filters because plants can’t do it all.

Lay Area Rugs

If you want to create spaces with more texture and added colors, consider laying area rugs around your home. You can use rugs of different sizes and materials to create your own inviting corner.

You can also use area rugs to make hardwood floors more comfortable. If you’re worried about maintenance, you can choose a cotton rug that’s washable. Many other types of smaller rugs are machine washable as well.

Paint With Lighter Colors

Colors have a big impact on how we perceive certain spaces. Lighter colors create an impression of more space.

You can use lighter colors in small rooms to make them look more inviting and full of light. At the same time, lighter colors can also work well with mirrors. Just be sure to choose low-VOC paints so that they don’t have a negative effect on your indoor air quality.

Work Air Quality Into Your Design

Finally, consider how a bit of home improvement could drastically improve your indoor air quality (IAQ). Thoughtful placement of humidifiers and air filters can help reduce contaminants in your home’s air and make it more breathable. These devices don’t have to detract from the visual aesthetic of your home, either, as long as you place them in the right locations in your home.

You may also want to consider an air purifier. It’ll help reduce allergens and make the air in your home safer to breathe.

Improving the comfort and air quality in your home is one of the most important things you can do for a healthy lifestyle. Call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Inc. today at 903-285-6550 to discuss how we can install and service a variety of air purifiers in your home.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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