Is a Ductless AC System Right for Your Home?

Any Mount Pleasant, Texas, homeowner will agree that it’s a challenge to maintain a cool home without breaking the bank during the hot summer months. Have you thought about a ductless air conditioning system? It offers lower cooling costs and many other benefits. Read on to learn whether a ductless AC system is right for your home.

What is a Ductless AC System?

In its most basic form, a single-zone ductless mini split system has one outdoor unit and one indoor unit connected by electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing. The indoor unit usually mounts on a wall and delivers cool air to the living area without ducts. A single-zone ductless AC system only provides cooling comfort to one area.

A ductless multi-zone system combines an outdoor unit with up to five indoor units. This ductless AC system can cool your entire home. Because there are a variety of indoor unit styles available, and installation just requires a hole in the wall for the refrigerant line and the wiring, a ductless AC is one of the easiest and most versatile systems to install. A ductless AC system is less visible, audible and vulnerable to air leakage compared to window air conditioners.

Fast Installation

A traditional AC installation is a complex and lengthy process when you require ductwork installation. However, in a small home, a service technician can install a ductless system within a day. Are you adding on to your home? Installing a ductless system is cheaper than extending your current ductwork.

Space Savings

The size of a ductless AC system is a big plus. Traditional central AC systems are often large and bulky, and window units are unsightly and obtrusive. However, a ductless system only has two parts: the outdoor compressor/condenser and the indoor handler.

Lower Energy Bills

Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months in Texas can create a huge financial burden. And with rising energy prices, it seems like your bills just keep climbing. But not so with a ductless AC system. It’s far more energy efficient than a traditional AC system. Rather than increasing your summer energy bills, you may be able to decrease them. That’s because they use less power and are highly efficient. With a multi-zone system, you can manage each indoor unit separately. As a result, you can avoid wasting energy cooling empty rooms.

Most AC systems have a one or two-speed compressor that has to keep switching on and off to keep the temperature right. However, a ductless AC system uses a variable speed compressor. It adjusts to keep your home comfortable at its desired temperature without wasting energy.

More Environmentally Friendly

Because a ductless AC unit has increased efficiency it helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Since units can be strategically installed in multiple rooms with each running independently, the amount of energy that is used is less, reducing the environmental impact. This is a small step that you can take to save the planet.

Increased Comfort

A ductless AC system allows you to have control over where you want the AC units placed and how many AC units your need for your home. You have probably already faced the problem in your home where the temperatures vary in different rooms, with one being very cold and another sweltering — your home needs more than a one-size-fits-all AC system.

No Dirty Ductwork

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has a direct bearing on the comfort of your home. Poor IAQ has a big impact on your health, too. Invisible particles float around your home, causing or aggravating allergies or other illnesses. Traditional AC systems have ducts that need regular cleaning to prevent dust building up and spreading through your home. Ductless systems use filtration to trap dust, pollen, bacteria and other contaminants.

At Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we specialize in a variety of HVAC installation services. Contact us today at 903-285-6550 to schedule an appointment to see if a ductless AC system is right for your home or additional living space.

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