A Home Performance Evaluation Will Help You Reach Your Savings Goals for 2017

Whether you’re saving for retirement or a dream vacation, setting aside money each month helps you reach your financial goals. No matter how carefully you manage your budget, however, rising energy costs can throw a monkey wrench into your plans. By identifying sources of energy waste, a home performance evaluation can help you hold onto your hard-earned dollars. In addition to saving more money, you’ll enjoy a healthier and more comfortable home too!

A Whole-Home Approach to Savings

When it comes to energy use, your home in Northeast Texas is a surprisingly complex environment. From your HVAC systems to structural components like windows and insulation, multiple factors influence how much energy your home consumes. It takes an evaluation of the entire house to identify solutions that offer you the most bang for your buck. The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program was developed to help consumers see the big picture and reap optimal savings:

  • Since its launch in 2002, more than 500,000 homeowners have saved money and energy through this national program.
  • Oversight by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency ensures that your energy assessment is conducted by a qualified professional.
  • Certified auditors employ specialized equipment like blower doors and infrared cameras to pinpoint specific areas of energy waste.

Along with a comprehensive inspection of your home, auditors take your personal lifestyle into account too. Everything from the number of people in your household to your temperature preferences is considered before making recommendations for improvement.

The All-Important Report

After the home performance evaluation, you’ll receive a written report that details all the findings. In addition to an analysis of test results, the information will include a prioritized plan of suggested improvements. Each proposed solution spells out the estimated cost of the upgrade and energy savings it offers. While every home is different, recommendations often include:

  • Sealing leaks in your home’s exterior to minimize drafts and energy waste.
  • Adding insulation in the attic to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Sealing and insulating ductwork to maximize efficiency in your heating and cooling systems.
  • Weather-sealing drafty windows and doors or replacing them with energy-efficient models.
  • Upgrading lighting, appliances or HVAC systems with Energy Star qualified products.

Whatever the recommendations, it’s important to perform the improvements in a logical order. You may wish to replace leaky recessed lighting on the ceiling, for example, before covering the fixtures with attic insulation. Your auditor will offer guidance on how to coordinate tasks to enjoy the best results.

Adding Up the Benefits

Implementing the recommendations listed on your report can save you up to 30 percent on your energy bills. By improving the energy efficiency of your home, you can expect to enjoy additional financial rewards as well. Your HVAC systems will run better and last longer, saving you from the expense of unexpected repairs and replacements. A well-insulated home that’s sealed tightly against the weather helps protect your property and the health of your family too. From water intrusion to pest infestations, you can avoid a host of money-draining problems with a few cost-effective upgrades.

Your Certified Home Performance Contractor

At Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Inc., we’re proud to offer quality home performance evaluations throughout the Titus County area. For more than 60 years, it’s been our goal to enhance your comfort, health and safety while saving you money. From high-efficiency HVAC systems to maintenance services, we’re pleased to provide solutions that help you reach your fiscal goals.

An energy-efficient home lets you spend less on monthly expenses and save more for the things that matter most to you. For more information about all the money-saving services we offer in Northeast Texas, explore our comfort solutions or call


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