AC Installation: Is Your Tech Going by the Book–Manual J?

A/C InstallationIf you are hiring an A/C installation tech or company professional to install your new A/C, it is important to make sure he or she is doing so according to Manual J and Manual D specifications. A/C units installed according to Manual J calculations, and in tandem with Manual D ductwork design, can significantly improve the quality comfort in your home and increase your energy savings.

Manual J

Manual J is a sizing calculation, the industry standard maintained by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), used to determine a home’s unique heating and cooling load. A proper Manual J calculation includes house-specific factors like a home’s square footage, the efficiency of installed ductwork, installation and window quality, local climate and the amount of air lost through leaks. Because each of these amounts can differ drastically house-by-house, it is important to be sure your A/C installation tech is going by the book and not by their own arbitrary “rule of thumb” methodology.

Manual D

In tandem with Manual J, your A/C installation tech should also be adhering to Manual D, a technical guide to residential duct systems outlining the designing of efficient and effective ductwork. Manual D provides information on proper duct network configuration, ductwork materials and even duct sizing.

Manual J information

After your A/C installation tech performs a Manual J calculation, he or she will have the necessary information to choose the best sized equipment for your home. This information includes knowing the accurate heating load, cooling load and latency. Of particular importance is the cooling load, which reveals how much heat an air conditioning unit must be able to remove from your household on the hottest summer days, when a home is most vulnerable to heat gain.

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